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Today’s business leaders function in a highly dynamic and complex environment, demanding agile solutions that help them navigate their business communities towards their organization’s goals. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help them make smart, timely decisions – backed by solid data. Research firms like Gartner that have studied the market and IT priorities consistently report that business intelligence is a top priority for CIOs . The major components of a BI Solution consist of
Data marts and data warehouses
Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Processes
Online Analytic Processing or OLAP
Visualization – Dashboards and Interactive Reports
Building and maintaining these components needs highly specialized expertise in each area - from data architects and database administrators to design and architect data warehouses to dashboard specialists to design and implement interactive dashboards. Implementing BI Solutions requires dealing with complexities such as complex data sourcing from heterogeneous environments, installing and maintaining Costly Infrastructure and Expensive Maintenance.

But, overcoming these complexities is not the biggest challenge in implementing a BI solution. The real challenge is how to make reporting more efficient so that, it not only costs less money, but uses fewer resources to implement and maintain it.
The Solution is “BI IN A BOX”
BIRetail addresses this demand by bundling all 4 components of business intelligence in a box with a comprehensive SaaS business analytics platform that is extraordinarily intuitive to use, implemented in days, and deployable on demand as a hosted service.
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Data marts and data warehouses: BIRetail Solution consists of a revolutionary & completely customizable data warehouse called “BI Warehouse” that is prebuilt to facilitate reporting from any heterogeneous data base. BI Warehouse works with any Point of Sale System or transactional Retail Management System.
ETL Processes: BI Connect is a powerful proprietary ETL solution which has a minimal foot print on the client’s server and integrates seamlessly with any transactional system inside the client’s firewall, gathers raw data, and transforms it into a Virtual Data Store in BIRetail Server that is capable to perform millions of complex computations in less than a second. Data is incremented & aggregated from multiple systems, cleansed, & organized into a predefined, robust data warehouse that drives the analytics engine.
OLAP: BIRetail has a unique Analytic Engine which uses the structured data available and transforms it into aggregate information and provides interactive reports to the user which can be customized without any help of IT resources.
Visualization – Dashboards and Interactive Reports: BIRetail combines state-of-the-art data visualization and interactivity to create predefined dashboards and help organizations track performance and optimize decision-making. Users can analyze the information using standard aggregations and more sophisticated functions such as weighted average, summation, percentage contribution, standard deviation and net present value. Investigative reporting, using pivoting, sorting, slicing, and drilling to more detail, can be performed with simple mouse clicks. Users can also format reports to their specifications and view the data as intuitive charts and graphs to identify trends and anomalies quickly.
Infrastructure: As BIRetail is a hosted application, the infrastructure costs for any retailer drastically reduce. BIRetail Servers are very reliable and incorporate the best practices of load balancing thus avoiding failovers. Our infrastructure allows users to see the information of their choice in any part of the world in a much secured way.
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